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8th Children of Asia Games Torch Relay Covered More Than 19,000 km in Yakutia

8th Children of Asia Games Torch Relay Covered More Than 19,000 km in Yakutia

The 8th Children of Asia Games Torch Relay covered over 19,000 km in the hands of 210 torchbearers.

The Flame Lighting Ceremony of the 8th Children of Asia Games took place on March 19. According to tradition, it was held in the Lena Pillars Nature Park in Khangalas district marking 100 days before the start of the large-scale event. The Torch Relay started on March 20 in Pokrovsk. To date, the Relay took place in Khangalas, Gorny, Vilyuisk, Verkhnevilyuysk, Nyurba, Suntar, Mirny, Lensk, Anabar, Olenek, Bulun, Zhigansk, and Ust-Yana districts. Today, April 18, the Torch Handover Ceremony took place in Nizhnekolymsk district. The Relay Route will tarvel 37,000 km across the Republic.

According to the torchbearers, participation in the Torch Relay becomes an honorable mission for them. The Torch Handover Ceremony attracts a large attention to the event. The relay will end on June 26 at the Opening ceremony of the Games in Tuymaada Stadium in Yakutsk.

Children of Asia International Sports Games, established by the First President of Yakutia Mikhail Nikolaev, have been held every four years since 1996. The 7th Children of Asia Games took place in Vladivostok in 2022, bringing together more than 1,300 young athletes from 13 countries. This year, applications for participation in the 8th editions of the Games were submitted by over 3,000 participants from Asian countries and regions of Russia. In total, 239 sets of medals in 24 sports will be played during the Games.

Photo by Vyacheslav Prokopyev

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