8th Children of Asia International Sports Games Directorate; Office 17, 38 Kalandarishvili St., Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation, 677008

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8th Children of Asia Games Torch and Uniform Unveiled in Yakutsk

8th Children of Asia Games Torch and Uniform Unveiled in Yakutsk

The torch and uniform of the 8th Children of Asia Games were presented at a press conference held at Gagarin Center for Culture and Contemporary Art in Yakutsk.

Torch Relay winter, spring and summer uniforms of organizers, guardians and torchbearers were revealed to the public. All clothing items are made from wear-resistant materials, taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region. The main parameters of clothing are practicality and comfort.

Torch Relay organizer's uniform consists of a windbreaker, T-shirt, a sports jacket and trousers. They filled in blue with light blue elements. White flowing lines on the jacket symbolize the feather of a Siberian Crane - a sacred bird for the Sakha people.

Guardian’s uniform includes a windbreaker, a T-shirt, a sports jacket and trousers. Base color is light blue with blue elements. The white lines also follow the outline of the Siberian Crane's feather.

Torchbearer’s uniform contains a T-shirt and a tracksuit that protect the body from overheating and moisture. All clothing items are made in orange with light gray elements.

The press conference culminated with the presentation of the main symbol of Torch Relay - the 8th Children of Asia Games Torch.

The torch, made of aluminum alloy and filled in three colors, symbolizing the rich nature of Yakutia: blue for the sky, green for the taiga and white for the air. The weight of the torch is 1.8 kg, which makes it light and easy to move.

To recall, the Flame Lighting Ceremony of the 8th Children of Asia Games set to take place on March 19 at the foot of the Lena Pillars Nature Park. During 100 days the Torch of the Games will travel about 37,000 km across the republic.


Torch Relay organizers are people responsible for coordinating and organizing events at the Torch Relay points. They will also ensure that the Torch passes from one participant to another according to the established schedule.

Guardians are designated persons responsible for the safety and security of the Games Flame during its transportation.

Torchbearers are participants of the Flame Lighting Ceremony, as well as those who will take part throughout Torch Relay Route to a place of conducting the Opening ceremony of the Games.

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