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8th Children of Asia Games Flag Raised on Top of Island Peak in Nepal

8th Children of Asia Games Flag Raised on Top of Island Peak in Nepal

A team of climbers, including Vitaly Struk, Dmitry Moskalev, Aleksandr Abramov, Victor Bobok and Igor Ledov, held the 8th Children of Asia Games Flag hoisting ceremony on the top of Island Peak in Nepal. Despite the hurricane wind, the climbers were able to conquer the mountain peak on May 5. The Games flag was planted at an altitude of 4800 m.

The expedition to Nepal started on April 21. This is Vitaly Struk’s fourth expedition with the Children of Asia Games Flags. The first expedition took place in 2012 on Elbrus, in 2016 on Damavand in Iran, in 2022 a series of ascents in 14 days on three peaks: Ararat (Turkey), Kazbek (Georgia), Elbrus (Russia).

The ascent of climbers symbolizes the desire to inspire the younger generation to achieve new heights in sports and life.


Island Peak is located at an altitude of 6189 meters in the heart of the Nepalese mountains. The peak itself is a continuation of the southern ridge of Mount Lhotse Shar (8383 m). The summit of Island Peak offers amazing panoramic views of some of the highest mountains in the world. The name Island Peak was given in 1951 by members of a British expedition. When they saw this peak for the first time, it reminded them of an island in the sea, covered with snow. Currently, it is one of the most popular peaks among climbers.

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