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Begin a Brief Introduction to the 8th Children of Asia Games Sports

Begin a Brief Introduction to the 8th Children of Asia Games Sports

The 8th Children of Asia Games Sports Program includes 24 sports. 17 sports are included in a compulsory basis according to the Concept of the Games -  basketball 3x3, boxing, khapsagai, kurash, volleyball, judo, athletics, mas-wrestling, table tennis, swimming, wrestling, sambo, shooting, archery, taekwondo, mini-football and rhythmic gymnastics.

Today we will get acquainted with the queen of sports - athletics, 3x3 basketball, the national sport of Yakutia - mas-wrestling, as well as one of the most graceful sports - rhythmic gymnastics.

Athletics competitions have been held since the first Children of Asia Games in 1996. Athletes will compete in 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 m races, long, high and triple jumps, 4x100 m and 4x400 m relay races, hurdles and Yakut jumps – kylyy, ystanga, kuobakh.

3x3 Basketball debuted at the 7th Children of Asia Games in 2022. 3x3 Basketball is a variation of traditional basketball played on full-size courts. Teams of three play on half the court, attacking with the ball and defending without it. The team that scores the most points in ten minutes or is the first to score 21 points wins.

The history of mas-wrestling in Children of Asia Games began in 2000. Mas-wrestling is a type of martial arts originally from Yakutia. Its essence lies in tug-of-war between two athletes. Athletes sit opposite each other, rest their feet on the support board and, at the judge’s command, try to pull the opponent to their side or snatch the stick from the opponent’s hands.

Rhythmic gymnastics competitions have been held since the 3rdChildren of Asia Games in 2004. Athletes compete in technical skill and expressiveness in performing individual and group programs using ribbon, ball, hoop, jump rope, and club.

To recall, the 8th Children of Asia Games will be held from June 25 to July 7, 2024 in Yakutsk. Young athletes will compete for 239 sets of medals in 24 sports.

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