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ROC President Inspected a Climbing Wall in Yakutsk

ROC President Inspected a Climbing Wall in Yakutsk

Today, March 18, President of the Russian Olympic Committee Mr. Stanislav Pozdnyakov visited Dokhsun Sports Complex in Yakutsk, where the construction of a climbing wall is about to complete. This unique facility with 16 m. high meets all the requirements for hosting international competitions and will become one of the key venues of the 8th Children of Asia Games.

Mr. Stanislav Pozdnyakov expressed his confidence that the climbing wall will become one of the key elements in development of sports culture in the region. He emphasized the importance of creating such modern facilities to attract young people to an active lifestyle and development of the Olympic movement in Yakutia.

- Sport climbing has already become an integral part of the Olympic Games program. I think the appropriate conditions are necessary in order to  develop such an interesting and applied sport . Knowing the talent and hard work of Yakut athletes, I am sure that in the near future athletes from Yakutia will become a part of national teams who will win the highest international prizes in this sport. We are pleased to note the facility was built under the program of the Russian Olympians Support Foundation. The Foundation certainly pays special attention to new Olympic disciplines. It is very important that in each region our young athletes have an opportunity to engage in any sport. For us, for the Russian Olympic Committee, this is a big priority.

President of Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Mr. Alexey Semenov noted that thanks to the Children of Asia Games new sports facilities are becoming available in Yakutia.

- In Yakutsk, five schools practiced sport climbing and these classes were mainly for schoolchildren. Now new opportunities are opening up for us. Thanks to the Children of Asia Games, the Russian Olympians Support Foundation and the Russian Climbing Federation, a new excellent facility has been built for us. Now we can hold competitions not only in Russian, but also in international format. Of course, this will lead to our youth being actively involved in sport climbing and mountaineering. The climbing wall is at the final stage of construction.

Let us remind you that the construction of a climbing wall in Yakutsk became possible thanks to the personal initiative of the Head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Mr. Aisen Nikolaev.

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