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Repair Work of Sports Facilities for the 8th Children of Asia Games

Repair Work of Sports Facilities for the 8th Children of Asia Games

Cholbon Swimming Pool will be closed for renovations from March 1, 2024 in preparation for the 8th Children of Asia Games. The venue will be under extensive work on cosmetic, ventilation and air conditioning systems renovations.

Cholbon is an Olympic-type swimming pool was built in 2012 for the 5th Children of Asia Games. The venue holds International and all-Russian sports tournaments. Stand capacity - 850 people.  The venue will host competitions in swimming from June 26 to July 1, 2024.

Also, from March 1, Triumph Sports Center will suspend its work for visitors. Repair work will be carried out on the training halls, medical center, hotel, reception area, second floor of the arena, locker rooms and showers, bathrooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems of the arena, façade work and street landscaping.

Triumph Sports Center is the largest sports complex in Yakutsk. The venue was built to host the 5th Children of Asia Games in 2012. Stand capacity - 3000 people. During the 8th Children of Asia Games, competitions will be held in wrestling, sambo, Alysh belt wrestling and khapsagai.

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