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8th Children of Asia Games Sports Program: Demonstration Sports

8th Children of Asia Games Sports Program: Demonstration Sports

Demonstration sports included into the Sports program of the 8th Children of Asia Games are alysh belt wrestling and sport climbing.

Alysh is a national belt wrestling of the Kyrgyz people with a fixed grip on the belt. Both men and women take part in the fight.

The wrestlers wear special blue and green T-shirts, white pants, and a red belt. In the starting position, the athlete’s head lies on the opponent’s shoulder, while he follows the movements of the opponent’s legs from under his hands. The wrestlers grab the opponent's belt by bending forward at their waist, passing the opponent's right hand and the left hand over his right hand. The fight takes place only in a standing position. The task of each wrestler is to try to throw the opponent onto his shoulder blades without letting go of his belt. In this form, 9 sets of medals will be played during the 8th Children of Asia Games.

Sport climbing is a sport and active recreation that involves climbing on natural or artificial terrain. On August 3, 2016, sport climbing was included in the Olympic program of the 2020 Summer Olympics. In accordance with the International Rules, sport climbing competitions are held in the following disciplines: difficulty, speed and bouldering.

A climbing wall with a height of 16 meters is being built in Dokhsun Sports Complex to host the competitions meeting international requirements. The facility is divided into 3 sectors for speed climbing (reference route, width 6 meters), difficulty climbing (width 25 meters), bouldering, a series of short routes of 5 - 8 moves, extremely difficult routes (height 4 meters, width up to 27 meters). 6 sets of medals will be awarded for this event.

The program of the 8th Children of Asia Games includes 24 sports where young athletes will compete in 239 sets.

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