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Match TV to Broadcast the 8th Children of Asia Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Match TV to Broadcast the 8th Children of Asia Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Sakha NBC and Match TV discussed technical plans to broadcast Children of Asia Games Opening and Closing ceremonies. The Games events will be broadcast on the federal channel.

Dmitry Yastrebov, Director of Match TV Production Directorate, noted that Broadcaster meeting in Yakutsk was aimed at discussing technical plans and working out recommendations for the high-quality broadcasts during the Games.

“Match TV and the 8th Children of Asia Games Directorate entered into an agreement to Live coverage of the Games events. Today, together with Sakha NBC, we are developing covering plan, broadcast schedule of sports competitions and news of the Games,” said Dmitry Yastrebov.

General Producer of Sakha NBC Nurgun Torgovkin noted that this is not the first time that Sakha NBC has worked with the federal channel Match TV. “We are organizing a live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the 8th Children of Asia Games on Match TV, and we are planning live inclusions in the news programs of the federal television channel. We will prepare thematic cross-program videos for Match TV in advance. An experienced team from Match TV will be based in Yakutsk,” added Nurgun Torgovkin.

Production base installation set to take place from June 10 at Tuymaada stadium, and large-scale rehearsals are planned to begin on June 12. 

Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 8th Children of Asia Games will take place on June 26 and July 6 at Tuymaada Stadium in Yakutsk. More than 3,000 people from different cultural organisations of Yakutia to ne involved in Cultural program of the Games.

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