8th Children of Asia International Sports Games Directorate; Office 17, 38 Kalandarishvili St., Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation, 677008

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Over 8000 participants and volunteers will be provided with catering during the “Children of Asia” Games.

Over 8000 participants and volunteers will be provided with catering during the “Children of Asia” Games.

It is planned to involve 37 catering facilities to provide meals for more than 8000 participants and volunteers. These include school and college canteens, NEFU facilities, and restaurants.

 The sports delegations will be served three hot meals daily in the Athletes Village. The menu is designed with the account of daily average energy value and nutrition standards of athletes and possibility of choosing a variety of dishes that meet all special requirements. The selection of hot meals on the menu changes every day, with a repetition period of once every seven days. 

At the catering facilities of foreign teams the menu is formed with consideration of the national and religious backgrounds of representatives of the participating countries.

The volunteers are divided into two categories: those residing in the city and those from other cities. The volunteers from other cities that arrive in the host city and reside in the Athletes Village will be provided with three hot meals. The volunteers residing in the city will have two hot meals.

Currently, all the catering facilities of the Games are undergoing renovations, all the necessary utensils and equipment are being purchased. An inspection of catering locations readiness begins this week.

During the Games there will be daily control checks at every facility, which is necessary to  meet the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for food raw materials and food products  quality and safety, including strict observance of the flow of technological processes during meals, bakery, and confectionery production.

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