8th Children of Asia International Sports Games Directorate; Office 17, 38 Kalandarishvili St., Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation, 677008

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Yakutsk is preparing to host Children of Asia Games

Yakutsk is preparing to host Children of Asia Games

The Head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Mr. Aisen Nikolaev, chaired a meeting of the Organizing committee for the 8th Children of Asia International Sports Games. Venues preparation process was discussed at the meeting.

“Certainly preparations for holding competitions of international level must be conducted thoroughly. All issues must be resolved, including those related to construction, repair of facilities, transport services, accommodation and meals for participants, as well as their safety,” noted Mr. Aisen Nikolaev.

There were reports on implementation of the Preparation plan at the meeting.

“To date, a plan for preparing the infrastructure of facilities for hosting the Games has been developed, agreed and being implemented. Accreditation of participants, Urban space design Concepts, as well as program for recruiting and training volunteers are being approved,” said Deputy Chairman of the Government Mr. Sergei Mestnikov.

In preparation for the event, repair work is being carried out in sports, accommodation facilities and public spaces, roads are being reconstructed. A two-story sports complex with 400 seats is planning to be put into operation in Yakutsk.

In total, 16 sports facilities will be involved during the 8th Children of Asia Games in Yakutsk.

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