8th Children of Asia International Sports Games Directorate; Office 17, 38 Kalandarishvili St., Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation, 677008

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Tuymaada Stadium

Tuymaada Stadium
  • Opening ceremony
  • Closing ceremony
  • Athletics

Nikolay Tarsky Tuymaada Stadium is one of the legacy venues of the Games. It was built in 1996 for the 1st Children of Asia International Sports Games. The stadium is named after Mr. Nikolay Tarsky, a prominent government and public figure and the founder of physical education and sports movement in Yakutia. Nowadays, the stadium is one of the most popular sports venues in the city of Yakutsk, frequented by the local population. Besides hosting competitions, it also serves as a venue for mass workouts for the city residents, concerts, festivals, and other major events. Capacity: 15,000 people.

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